Welcome to my part of the world where every piece of jewellery is handcrafted and meticulously created to make beautiful, individual and unique pieces just for you.

Each item of jewellery is lovingly handcrafted from old (occasionally very old) recycled Australian pre-decimal coins (pre 1964) and antique silverware. Most of the coins and silverware are sourced in Australia, however because of the limited selection available, many of our forks and spoons are sourced from all over the world including Europe and America. If these items could speak, they would all have an incredible story to tell!

Everything is made in the workshop meaning that each piece is given my full attention and each piece is subtly different being hand crafted. No two pieces will ever be the same which make the pieces so special. 

Did you know?

Spoon rings are thought to have originated in 16th century England and were made from spoons that servants had ‘acquired’ from their masters’ homes. These were then crafted into engagement and wedding rings by those who could not afford the “real thing”.

Today, spoon rings still represent the meaning of love that they once did.

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