Who We Are

From a distant career as an engineer, I often thought there had to me more to life than the daily trudge to the 'office' and back. After spending a year of travel around Australia (#nosetplan), I was truely inspired by out wonderful country to be more creative, re-purpose and enjoy what life has to offer. 

In mid 2018, I decided to start dabbling into using recycled cutlery to make wearable art and then progressed into making rings out of old Australian pre-decimal coins. I've never had any formal training in jewellery making and self taught, mostly by trial and error and the few cuts and bruises! As I'm close to Shoalwater in Western Australia, the name was born.

So here we are, I usually do the local markets along with some larger artisan market around Perth.

Small beginnings, but I'm keen to keep creating and introducing uniquely different jewellery.