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Coin Rings – simple and elegant and packed with history. If the coins could talk they would all have a story to tell.

Having a coin ring made out of an Australian coin will commemorate a special year or offer a stunningly unique piece or jewellery.

Each of our coins rings is handcrafted from the finest Australian and International coins ensuring the original detail is maintained and finished to a high polish or a patina (this is where the coin is darkened and the highlighted details polished to offer a lovely contrast).

Did you know? – Australian silver coins (3 pence, 6pence, shilling, crown and florin) prior to 1946 were all 925 sterling silver.

All of our Shoalwater Designs coin rings are design and hand crafted to your ring size and finish. If you are looking for a bespoke coin ring design or have your own coin you would like made into a ring, please contact us.

Each piece is handmade by me in Western Australia from recycled and repurposed coins and silverware.