Custom made penny and half penny dog and cat tags


Custom made dog and cat tags. These crafted tags are made from old vintage Australian pennies, half pennies and florins.

Penny and half penny coin dates range from 1911 through to 1964.

Florin coin dates range from 1946 -1963.

Each pet ID tag is totally unique with the engraving text available on either side of the coin.

Each tag has the name of the pet, phone number and optionally a statement on whether the pet is microchipped.

The penny (bronze) diameter is 31mm and the perfect size for medium / large dogs.

The half penny (bronze) diameter is 25.5mm and suitable for car and small dogs.

Florin (50% Silver) diameter is 28mm and suitable for most pets.

All pet tags come complete with with two stainless steel split rings for adding to your pets collar. These will not rust.

A random coin will be selected for the ID tag if no contact is made prior to ordering.

I can also engrave pet tags on other coins by request. Please contact me for further information or to request further customisation.

If you require any further information on this item, please contact us.