Personalised Engraved Spoon


Cheeky, fun and a great talking point. You can choose to personalise a spoon with your own personal message which can include engraved initials, names, dates or a message. Fill in the form below and we will then engrave onto your chosen spoon.

Please ensure the message is short. The writing may become ineligible if there is too many words.

Our permanently engraved spoons are safe to use for your cuppa.

We have the choice of stainless steel, re-purposed sterling silver and re-purposed vintage silver plated spoons.
The engraved spoon can be either a teaspoon, dessert spoon or soup spoon.
You also have the option to engrave your name on the spoon handle.
All spoons are clean and wrapped carefully and posted.

Note:- For the vintage and sterling silver spoons, no two spoons will be alike and could be from a variety of spoon designs.

All spoon are cleaned and polished. These spoons should be hand washed only.

If you require any further information on this item, please contact us.