Antique Silver Spoon Ring (Size M)

Antique Silver Spoon Ring (Size M)

This beautiful ring has been re-purposed and hand crafted from an old silver plated spoon handle. This style of ring overlaps with the smaller end tucking under the ornate end of the spoon.

It is a size M (US 6.5) and it can be made one size bigger or smaller if needed. Please visit our ring sizing page to calculate your own ring size.

All of my rings are finished with a protective jewellers wax to maintain the polished sheen.

Custom sizes and pieces are very welcome. We have hundreds of styles available or you can supply your own. Please contact us for custom work.

A bit of history - Spoon rings are thought to have originated in 16th century England and were made from spoons that servants had 'acquired' from their masters' homes. These were then crafted into engagement and wedding rings by those who could not afford the “real thing”.

Today, spoon rings still represent the meaning of love that they once did.